April/May 2011-Online Exclusive

USA Logo

Zach James

Age 12

Canton, N.Y.


Jonathan Quick #32

Aidan Lee

Age 10

Claremont, Calif.



Edward Gould

Age 8

Williamsville, N.Y.


Tim Thomas

Nicholas Fara

Age 9

Old Lynn, Conn.


Great Day For Hockey

Trent Stoud

Age 10

Greensburg, Pa.


St. Louis Blues

Dustin Bauer

Age 9

Arnold, Mo.


Stanley Cup Champs

Bryce Kurtz

Age 10



USA Goalie

Alex Chrostowski

Age 12

Cheektowaga, N.Y.



Harry Hagedorn

Age 12




Dominik Molotky

Age 9

Spring Lake, Mich.


Martin Brodeur

Lincoln Crosby

Age 7

Potomac, Md.


Antti Niemi

Max Thompson

Age 10

Naperville, Ill.


Komets Celebration

Brandon Bornkamp

Age 13

Fort Wayne, Ind.


Anze Kopitar

Ian Smith

Age 12

Modesto, Calif.


Red Wings Logo

John Kosa

Age 9

Commerce Township, Mich.


USA Save

Joe Gramegna

Age 11

Massapequa, N.Y.


Patrick Kane

Ryan Plumb

Age 12

Moline, Ill.


Roberto Luongo

Brennan Nick

Age 9



Sophia Cloonan

Age 9

San Diego


Brent Johnson

Gavin Pugh

Age 8

Redding, Pa.



Brady Kirkbride

Age 11

Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hockey Team

Take dedication, hard work and respect

Put skill and heart

In a uniform

Mix with players and coaches

Until the season starts

Pour some practices in and a game or two

Cook in a rink at 20 degrees

Until the team is loyal

You can tell the team is ready when

Everyone is laughing and having fun

Add some wins and some losses

Cut and serve with cooperation to your


Taste the great game of hockey with your


Shea Courtmanche

Age 10

Madison, Conn.



Who is your favorite American NHL player?: