September 2010 - Online Exclusive

Stick save
Dillon Skovron
Age 9
Ellicott City, Md.

USA goalie
Bill Rautiola
Age 7
Chassell, Mich.

Sarah Buswell
Age 12
La Crosse, Wis.

#21 Hockey
Emma Hitz-Kelly
Age 10
Winona, Minn.

USA goalie
Parker Beauchamp
Age 12
Cheboygan, Mich.

Suburban Stars
Ethan Wissink
Age 7
Wolverine Lake, Mich.

Joe Thornton
Dominic Florence
Age 12
South Hadley, Mass.

Clare Miller
Age 8
Hamburg, N.Y.

Patrick Kane
Russel Wagner
Age 9
Palatine, Ill.

Patrick Kane
Elliot Crisman
Age 12
Waupaca, Wis.

Jaroslav Halak
Ryan Herrneckar
Age 10
Rochester, N.Y.

Martin Brodeur
Ryan Forget
Age 8
Millville, Mass.

Oilers goalie
Matthew Zawalski
Age 10
Sterling Heights, Mich.

Ryan Miller
Bradley Postula
Age 10
Portage, Mich.

Tim Thomas
Dominic Metro
Age 7
Woburn, Mass.

Thomas Gargulak
Age 9
Rice Lake, Wis.

Bobby Hull
Danny Pugliese
Age 7
Glenview, Ill.

Molly Schaus
Skylar Goar
Age 10
Holland, Mich.

Mark Recchi
Owen Brady
Age 7
West Roxbury, Mass.

Port Huron Flags
Emily Curlett
Age 11
Lapeer, Mich.

Marc-Andre Fleury
Jimmy Airoldi
Age 11
Hartland, Wis.

Patrick Kelly
Age 9
Erie, Pa.

Marc-Andre Fleury
Ryan Clarks
Age 7
Summit, Pa.

Bruins guy
Daniel Solomon
Age 10
Goleta, Calif.

USA player
Erik Refsdal
Age 11
Temecula, Calif.



What's Your Favorite Thing About The Hockey Season?
Hanging out with all of my friends.
Dangle, snipe, celly!
Getting a great workout in.
All of the the above!
Total votes: 583