Keep Slaps Shooter busy

Hi kids. Well I’ve finally managed to dig myself out from under this massive pile of all this mail you guys have been sending me to tell you all – “I’M SWAMPED OVER HERE!!!”

With all the mail I receive every day for Slap’s Gallery, I have barely had enough time to work on other things, like the game pages. My pal, Stix Handle, can’t help but laugh when he sees all the mail I get. I think he’s also a little jealous.

But that’s OK because I love looking at all of your artwork. And seeing all the mail addressed to my name makes me the most popular person at USA Hockey. Every week I receive more than 100 letters from you, enough to drive our mailroom guys crazy.

Thanks to you, Slap’s Gallery is the most popular section in USA Hockey Magazine. And it’s not just drawings, either. I love reading your poems and short stories, too.

The hard part is that every month I only get to pick out 12 drawings and one poem or short story for the next issue of USA Hockey Magazine. Many of you may not know, but I sneak another 25 drawings on the magazine’s Web site, So be sure to check that out.

With so many drawings to choose from, we have no choice but to turn a lot of you away. If you have sent in drawings, poems or stories that haven’t made the magazine or Web site, don’t get down. Like I always say, “It’s just like hockey — you can’t score if you don’t shoot.”

So keep sending me your masterpieces. I like to see drawings of you playing hockey, your favorite NHL and USA players, your teammates or your brothers and sisters.

Get out the crayons, magic markers and colored pencils. Work with your brothers and sisters on a group drawing. And be creative— because I know all of you are. So keep those letters coming. I love the attention.

Your pal, Slaps Shooter

Illustrations by Mike Curti

A New Hockey Legend

Over the many years of wins and losses.
Nicklas Lidstrom showed his attitude with a bunch of game tosses.

People know hes a true hockey player from his Stanley Cup rings.
After his retirement of 20 years in the NHL he will be missed by the red wings and the outstanding fans as well.

Nicklas Lidstrom was one of the best defenseman in the league.
His jersey will surely be raised at the Joe.
He will take with hockey legends
Such as Howe, Lindsay, Yzerman, and Delvecchio.

Send hard copies of drawing to...

Attn: Slap’s Gallery
1775 Bob Johnson Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Good luck!


Does anyone know what address to send artwork to? I'd rather mail my art in than post it on the online voting page.

I <3 Steve Ott


Who is your favorite American player?
Auston Matthews
Jason Robertson
Tage Thompson
Matthew Tkachuk
Patrick Kane
Total votes: 388