Best Of Hockey 2010 Survey

USA Hockey Magazine Readers Weigh In On What’s Good, Bad And Ugly Around The World Of Hockey

One thing you can say about hockey people, we aren’t shy when it comes to sharing our opinions. That’s why this month we are reaching out to the USA Hockey community to ask our readers for their opinions on everything from their favorite NHL uniform to who has the best hockey hair.

Since we live in an interconnected world, we are asking readers to fill out this short (and hopefully fun) survey by circling your answers in the pages of USA Hockey Magazine and sending them in to us.

Surveys will be accepted until Nov. 1 and final tallies will be published in the December issue. Ten lucky fans will be randomly selected to win cool USA Hockey prize packs.

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Survey Choices

Just curious, as this is USA Hockey Magazine's survey, why did your editors/writers ask about our favorites from the American sample, and then include choices like Bobby Orr's goal from '71, the Canadiens sweater, Melrose and Green's hair, and so on. Why not Mike Foligno's goal, or George Parros' hair, or Rangers sweater. Just thought consistency would be paramont. It was a fun survey, though.

Survey questions

Your survey had to be developed by someone who does not know much about the game and has no creditabiity. Dissapointing. You leave out many old and fierce rivalries like, Detroit - Chicago, St. Louis- Chicago, Toronto- Montreal. How coud you list best hockey arenas and not include montreal, Toronto, or Boston. This is where the game was born.


My gloves are actually ITECH.

yo from chabooty


Isn't there more to the survey?

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