Espionage On Ice: U.S., Russia Classic Sullied By Conspiracy Theories

Who said the Cold War is over? Certainly not the members of the Russian fourth estate, who are still seeing red after last night’s thrilling shootout victory by a team of pesky Americans.

The postgame press conference was loaded with questions aimed at Russian head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov about some of the sneaky, underhanded tricks the Americans used to snatch victory away from their beloved and beleaguered Russian hockey team.

There's Nothing Lean About This Cuisine

If you are what you eat then right now I feel like I’m a McNugget shy of a Happy Meal.

The way I’ve been eating here in Sochi has left me tired, irritable and not smelling particularly well.

And to top it off, now I read that the U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team has better diets than I do.

Just Say ‘Nyet’ To The Net

Welcome to Sochi, Russia, where phishing is quickly become the newest Olympic sport.

The U.S. State Department warned Americans coming here that they should have “no expectation of privacy,” even in their hotel rooms.

No Turning Back Now

There's a scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her traveling companions stumble upon a sign at the edge of the Haunted Forest that reads "I'd Turn Back If I Were You." Of course they pay no heed and we all know where the story goes from there.

Well, I gotta admit that I'm starting to feel a little like Dorothy, with a little Cowardly Lion thrown in for good measure, and I haven't even reached Oz yet.

NHL Playoffs Are Set

There's nothing quite like the regular-season grind of the National Hockey League. Now, as they say, the real season starts. Hopefully your favorite team made it. If not, there's still some great hockey for you to digest in the coming weeks.

The 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff field is set. Hear what the experts have to say.

Big Things

Behind our collective fascination with the oversized there's bound to be some psychological phenomenon or misfiring neuron which explains why in some people the drive to construct monuments that will (in some cases) stand the test of time and befuddle the heck out of future generations is inescapable. But the much more important question: Why do we continue to encourage these people?

Pet Projects and Green Ice

So, we've been busy with something of a pet project these past few days - a surprise we're planning to have ready for the Facebook page - come Monday afternoon, and haven't had as much time to dig for stories these past few days. But ... we've got two you might enjoy, which we will describe in one word each.


Story I. Green Ice:

Title: "Erie Otters unveil green ice to celebrate St. Patrick's Day"

It Came from the Third Dimension!

Technology has this remarkable gift to be boon or bane when it comes to enhancing sports and fandom, (specifically re: hockey, though considering the nature of this website, that's probably assumed).

The Call ... It's Coming from Inside the Puck

Odds are there are plenty of folks out there who if offered the chance would gladly and without hesitation accept ice-level seats - the price and popularity for tickets along the boards at most any arena are probably evidence enough to make that kind of assumption. The number of the mentally unbalanced harboring fantasies of really being at ice-level, miniaturized ala Honey I Shrunk the Kids, installed in a puck and carried around the rink are probably not quite as numerous.*

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