FUND-Raising Doesn’t Have To Be A Four-Letter Word


From collecting bottles and cans in the pouring rain, to less than stellar bake sales and candy bars that didn't budge in the breakroom, we've all had our share of fundraising fails. 

Don't you wish you could hold up a sign on ESPN College Game day, " hockey parent needs money" and watch the bucks roll in, like Carson King did? 

It's one of those necessary evils of hockey, but maybe there's a way to put some fun into fundraising. We asked parents to share their tips and successful campaigns to help raise funds for their teams and associations. 

Brother Can You Spare a Dime? 

A 16 oz. plastic bottle filled with dimes equals $100. Family and friends can save dimes over the spring and summer. If each player turns one in, you can raise $1600.

- Jessica Lynn McGraw, Cicero, N.Y.


Super Cool Prizes 

We purchased an entire suite (12 seats) for a Philadelphia Flyers home game and raffled it off. Our girls teams sold tickets for a 10K profit. 

- Christina Sandrock Bissell, Aston, Pa. 


Team up with Local Restaurants, Businesses or Pro Teams 

My daughter's team links up with our local junior team and does ticket sales. We get $5 from each ticket the girls sell and we sell 50/50 tickets at a game. We get a percentage from the 50/50. 

- Stephanie Brown Garcia, Saginaw, Mich.


We offer 'puck buck cards' that offer discounts to local businesses for $15 each. They pretty much pay for themselves. New players sell 10, returning 15 and parents pay for a set amount at registration. They take their cards and sell to others.  

- Barb Bossuyt Anderson, Marshall, Minn. 


I donated a pair of Bills season tickets, printed raffle tickets, and had parents sell 20 tickets for $10 each. We made $2400 in a week. Seek donated tickets from colleges or AHL teams. 

- Chris Mathes, Liverpool, N.Y.


Some restaurant chains provide opportunities too, like donating a percentage of all sales on a designated night to your team.   


Strike it Rich

Our local bowling alley charged us $10 a head for two games, shoe rental, pizza and pop. We charged $25 per person for a fun night on the lanes. 

- April Prentice, Port Huron, Mich.


Start the Season and Drop the Bucks  

At registration, each player is charged $200 for fundraising. We then sell/put our name on raffle tickets for a cash drawing.  

- Crystal Marie, Proctor, Minn.


Cheap Skates 

Offer hockey/skating lessons for a mandatory donation. Advertise on your website or at your local rink. 


Will Work for Donations 

With adult supervision, players can offer to bag and carry out groceries at your local grocery store. Watch the tip jar fill up fast.


Forecheck Us Out Online  

Add a donation button, Venmo Account or a Go Fund Me link to reach your captive audience on your team's website, so you're never out of the game.


So, the next time someone on your kid's team drops the "F" bomb - as in fundraising - on you, think about the other benefits that surface when you work together as a team to achieve a common goal. 




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