Olympic Issue Game Answers

Below is the answer key for the games in the Feb. 2014 Olympic issue:


You Make the Call

QUESTION: terfinal game between Russia and the Czech Republic, the game is still tied after regulation and an overtime period, so a shootout is needed to determine the winner. Neither team scores during the first two shooters for each team, and as a Russian player is preparing to start the third round, the Czech Republic requests a measurement of his stick. What happens?

ANSWER: Penalties can occur during the shootout and may affect the ability for a player to participate. In this instance, the stick is measured immediately. If it is found to be illegal, the Russian player is penalized and sent to the penalty box and will no longer be eligible to participate in the shootout. However, Russia will still be entitled to take the shot. The fourth and fifth players on Russia’s list of shootout participants will move up a spot and the designated alternate will assume the fifth shot position. 

If the stick was found to be illegal, the Czech Republic would have to designate one of their three remaining shooters to serve the bench minor penalty and be replaced by an alternate. The player serving the bench minor penalty would no longer be eligible to participate in subsequent rounds of the shootout.

Seeking Slaps Shooter

Slaps Shooter is walking through the Olympic Village on the way to a hockey game. See if you can find him in the crowd. Then find seven American flags and name the eight other countries whose flags appear in the picture. Extra Credit: Find six gold, seven silver and three bronze medals hidden in the picture also.

See the picture below for the answers:






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