November 2010 Slaps Gallery - Online Exclusive

Ryan Miller
Justin Carricato
Age 10
Queens, N.Y.

Niklas Backstrom
Carter Bergdahl
Age 10
Westby, Wis.

USA player
Mark Venditti
Age 10
Buffalo, N.Y.

Sidney Crosby
Stevie Stutz
Age 6
Buffalo, N.Y.

Elle Crawford
Age 11
Stillwater, Minn.

Girl goalie
Kayce Calcaterra
Age 13
Rochester, Mich.

Miller Time!
Quinn Leach
Age 12
Rochester, N.Y.

Patrick Marleau
Emily Tockwood
Age 11
San Jose, Calif.

Marc-Andre Fleury
Sean Grote
Age 12
Milton, Wis.

Jamie Langenbrunner
Anthony Ciampolillo
Age 8
Troy, N.Y.

Marc-Andre Fleury
Austin Knupp
Age 6
Galena, Ohio

Avs Zamboni
Reed Nagel
Age 10
Buffalo, N.Y.

Jonathan Stouffer
Age 9
Worcross, Ga.

Kirk Maltby
Sam Hansz
Age 8
Cheboygan, Mich.

USA goalie
Nora Fritz
Age 10
Bismarck, N.D.

Chicago Blackhawks
Emmie Thompson
Age 11
Winnetka, Ill.

Ryan Miller
Andrew Topham
Age 8
Gray, Maine

Chloe Walker
Age 10
Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Wisconsin goalie
Kellan Binger
Age 11
Madison, Wis.

Kacey Bellamy
Mikayla Regan
Age 8
Mt. Pocono, Pa.

Sidney Crosby
Blake Slota
Age 10
Nashville, Tenn.

Jan Hejda
Judah Stein
Age 12
New Albany, Ohio

Chicago Blackhawks
Jimmy Weichlorodt
Age 12

Jonathan Quick
Sam LeMieur
Age 8
Deerwood, Minn.

Mike Richard
Bobby Lindsay
Age 8
Pass Christian, Miss.


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