Jordan Leopold

A charter member of the National Team Development Program, Jordan Leopold has always answered the call to represent his country.


What’s your favorite drill?
Continuous shooting drill

How do you mentally prepare for a game? 
Consistent routine – putting on my stuff, changing, taping my sticks, getting a stretch.

What’s your warm up routine?
Get to the rink 2.5 hours ahead of time, taping my stick, listen to music.

What type of music do you listen to get ready?
Hard rock

What’s your favorite locker room music?
Real heavy metal

What’s your favorite music during warm-ups?
I love System of a Down. I won’t listen to it in the car.

What kind of food do you eat before a game?
Some kind of chicken, potato, rice, some kind of veggie – beans or broccoli.

How do you unwind after a big game?
Go home and play with my kids – Jordyn Marie (3) and Brooke (1).


When did you start playing hockey?
I started when I was 5 years old.

Who was your first coach?
Coach Baker was my coach in Mites in Golden Valley, Minn.

What other sports did you play growing up?
I played baseball, but stopped after my senior year of high school.

How important is it to play other sports?
When I came out to the NTDP, one of my deals was that I was allowed to go home to play baseball.

What advice do you have for young players?
Have fun

Do you think about playing for Team USA in Vancouver?
Oh yeah, I would love to. I would be honored.

Who’s the toughest player to play against?
Ilya Kovalchuk. I’ve only played two or three games against him. He’s a big guy, good hands, good vision. He’s just one of those guys who nags you all the time.

Do you like the shootout?
I like it for the sake of the fans. Personally I’d prefer deciding a winner by playing it out. You get that in the playoffs.


Skates: Mission 120 AG Fuel
Stick: Mission Fuel TI Pro
Helmet: Mission Carbster
Gloves: Mission M1



Who is your favorite 2023/2024 NHL Rookie?
Connor Bedard
Matthew Knies
Brock Faber
Logan Stankoven
Logan Cooley
Total votes: 4