Mark Stuart

After being sidelined with a knee injury for most of last season, Mark Stuart is ready for a breakout year in Boston.


What’s your favorite drill?
Two-on-one continuous

How do you mentally prepare for a game?
I usually just picture myself making plays and doing stuff exactly right. That usually doesn’t happen, but it’s what I think about.

What’s your warm-up routine?
Before a game, I have a dynamic warm-up. Usually take a jog and stretch.

What’s your favorite music during warm-ups?
Anything Pearl Jam

What kind of food do you eat before a game?
Chicken with wheat pasta, no sauce

How far in advance do you eat?
1 p.m. for a 7 p.m. game

Do you have any superstitions?
I put my equipment on the same way each time, from left to right.

How do you unwind after a big game?
Usually watch a movie.


When did you start playing hockey?
I started skating at 3 years old on the rink in my backyard.

Who was your first coach?
Kirk Gill for Peewees and Bantams in Rochester, Minn.

Who was your favorite coach growing up?
Mike Eaves at the USA Hockey National Team Development Program

What other sports did you play growing up?
I played baseball until high school and football until I came to the NTDP.

How important is it to play other sports?
Football and hockey were right there for me. My dream growing up was to play football at Notre Dame. When I came to the NTDP I couldn’t really play football anymore.

What advice do you have for young players?
For me growing up, I had great guys to play with that really wanted to work hard to get better. Surround yourself with the right people and work really hard and definitely have fun.

Do you think about playing for Team USA in Vancouver?
Yeah, it would be unbelievable.

Who’s the toughest player to play against?
Jaromir Jagr because he protects the puck really well and he’s so strong. It’s so hard to get the puck away from him.

Do you like the shootout?
I’ve never participated in one, but they’re fun to watch.


Skates: Bauer Vapor 30
Stick: Easton Synergy
Helmet: Mission
Gloves: Mission Pure L7



Who is your favorite American player?
Auston Matthews
Jason Robertson
Tage Thompson
Matthew Tkachuk
Patrick Kane
Total votes: 395