The One Percent

Roughly 99 percent of the time,* a list that tries to rank more than, say, 15 or 20 of the best or worst items in any given category — assuming it's not quanitfied or scientific in any way, which is to say that it probably had its genesis somewhere on the Internet — takes a bit of a dip somewhere in the middle. Especially when it's something you come across the Internet. Top 100 best-looking cats? Bound to have a Sphynx. Top 25 movies about haunted boats? Gonna include "Haunted Boat." 

However, we're pretty sure we just found one that defies the odds:

Bleacher Report's: 50 Most Ridiculous Team Logos in Hockey History

Best we can tell, there's not one in the bunch that's not ridiculous. Case in point, #19:











(Image via Bleacher Report) 

Spend 3-5 minutes taking a look through the list. It'll make you feel better about yourself.

*A statistic we just made up but sounds pretty good. 

50 Most Ridiculous Team Logos in Hockey History

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