The Iceman Cometh ... with a Calcium Chloride Solution

You'll have to forgive the tendency to wax nostalgic - which seems to appear in maybe every third blog post - but back when we were kids, waiting for the ice to freeze was a part of life. You went out with a drill two to three times a day to test the depth of the pond. You prayed for cold weather and rattled off every curse word you could think of, and some you made up, when after a week of freezing temperatures, the weather bumped back up to 50. But apparently, one father is looking to change that.

Doughty said he can freeze water pumped into the rink with a heat pump, and a mixing and filtering system that uses a calcium chloride solution.

"At present, I can get the rink area adequately frozen for skating when the outside temperature is 38 degrees or less," said Doughty. "I'm shooting to freeze the rink when the outside temperature is 45 to 50 degrees."

"It's still a work in progress," Doughty added.


"'Iceman' builds ice hockey rink at his home" - The Franklin News Post

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