Gotta Be Some Cold Hands in Philly

There are certain promotions and marketing staples we enjoy more than others. We are always down to "Chuck a Puck" or to participate en masse in the slightly fluffier version of the "Teddy Bear Toss." Making it on the Kiss Cam is a personal goal we’d like to see fulfilled sometime in the relatively near future, though we’d prefer to have time to notice for fear of landing on the big screen with a hockey-loving sibling.

And then there are some that make us a bit concerned:

Scores of people tried this morning, but Ted Allavena, 25, of Northeast Philadelphia, found the lucky puck trapped in a block of ice like the Flyers logo near the Clothespin statue. Hidden inside the puck were two tickets to Wednesday night's home opener. The exercise, which lasted nearly four hours at 15th and Markets Streets, gave "playing the hot hand" a new meaning. No tools, like keys, were allowed - only the warmth of hands to melt enough ice to free any of the 100 pucks.

Now, this actually seems like it could be entertaining; it’s the concept of putting your hand on something for an extended period that makes us nervous — primarily because its potential application to other forms of entertainment or infiltrate other areas of consumer-dom.

Case in point:

The Circus: “Leave you hand in the lion’s mouth for 30 seconds and win a snow-cone!”

Any other possible places where this idea could go wrong?

Fans claw giant ice block for Flyers tix

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