Alternate Career Paths: Classic Edition

In what's quickly becoming our favorite recurring segment — alternate career paths for NHLers past and present — we're proud to share with you THIS:

Dierks, Ex-NHL Player Shoot T-Shirts Into Crowd: Dierks and new pal Chad Brownlee whip out hockey sticks to fire cotton bombs at fans.

And that's just the headline. Of course, it's one thing to hand a country star a hockey stick. You might knock off a ten-gallon hat or two - maybe deflate some Texas-sized hair - though the damage for the most part would probably be negligible with the exception of some put-off country-music fans. In the hands of a former NHLer, however, you're probably bound to get responses like the two quoted in the article.

"No concert is compleate without a t shirt to the throat," fan Devon Riviere tweeted.

Another fan, Jordan Karst, tweeted, "Thanks Chad for the shirt 2 the head 2 end it all off! Shooting shirts? Classic!"

Classic indeed. Of course, as there are only two responses posted, we just have to assume that most everyone else who was on the receiving end of a t-shirt probably ended up in the trauma ward wearing the t-shirts in question. Classic.

Country Weekly: Dierks, Ex-NHL Player Shoot T-Shirts Into Crowd

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