Alternate Career Paths: Caricature Artists

You know, there are some players it's not so difficult to imagine taking alternate career paths. Master Lego Artist Patrick KaletaApp Developer Chris Clarkson of the Houston AerosProfessional Chewing Gum Tester Stéphane Lebeau. And of course the Sedins, who are clearly destined for a star post-career stint as caricature artists.

From The Vancouver Sun's Pass It to Bulis Blog:

While the Sedins were in Öland, the identical twins were asked by Östran, a local newspaper, to take part in a strange experiment: draw self-portraits, in order to see if those would be identical too. 

Upon seeing Daniel's questionable handiwork, Ostran asked how he did in art class in school:

"What were my grades in Drawing? Probably a D," says Daniel.

Daniel's biggest problem may be his attention to detail. He's a natural finisher, which might explain why he finished so fast. Though it might just have been because he forgot he had a beard.

Daniel says he's pretty much done with his self-portrait. But it looks pretty naked.

"Shouldn't there be a beard too?" I wonder.

"Right, we got beards too," says Daniel and grabs the pen again.

Well, at least Hendrik is. Daniel can hold the paint.

Pass It to Bulis: I Find This Photo Odd: The Sedins do self-portraits

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