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>> ADVERTORIAL <<, recognized for its patented technology  to assist teams in finding and scheduling games, now offers much more. has added an entirely flexible calendar system, expanded editing features, and provided for website and smart phone integration. even offers free websites, and exceptionally low rates for credit card processing, saving some organizations thousands of dollars per year.  Leagues are taking notice of's round robin scheduling, league declaration process and easy-to-update standings and results display.

Founded in 2008 and launched in 2010, offers scheduling at the league, association and team levels.  The Founder, Marc Friedfertig, believes it is possible that every youth hockey association will use this free system, especially as it continues to incorporate ideas from its many users.  "The site is free and, if we can meet everyone’s needs, save them time, and help them provide a better experience to players, parents and coaches, why wouldn't everyone use it."

It looks like is on its way to making Friedfertig’s vision a reality, with several leagues adopting the product league-wide.  Minnesota's District 10 now produces schedules in less time, and has eliminated the errors that previously plagued the league.  North Michigan Hockey League now produces their entire schedule electronically, and has eliminated the need for schedulers to drive up to 3 hours to the traditional annual meeting.  Hudson Valley Hockey League finally has accurate and up-to-date standings and results.

Schedulers love the ease of scheduling, tracking and editing their ice slots.  The one-entry update saves time, reduces errors and results in a better and more professional product – and synchs multiple team schedules, including the league master calendar,  the league website, individual team calendars and, in some cases, the opposing teams’ calendars. At the team level, managers are able to schedule more games with reciprocation, while making better decisions concerning travel and competition.  Parents and players are better able to keep track of their schedules through smart phone, Ical and Google calendar integration.
In 2011, the site was used by more than 3,000 teams which posted over 50,000 events. Overall, the website presents useful technology that members can utilize to be better organized, create better schedules and save lots of time. The site is 100% free and worth a try.  

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