USA Hockey Magazine Podcast: Dennis LaRue

Timeline of Episode with the NHL Official
USA Hockey Magazine Podcast
Dennis LaRue, September 26, 2019
Podcast Timeline

This podcast features Dennis LaRue, a retired NHL veteran official at the Inaugural USA Hockey Advanced Officiating Symposium. LaRue discussed the issue with retention in young officials, how he stays involved with the game post-requirement and the upcoming Seattle franchise.

[0:00-0:45] Intro and guest introduction
[0:46-1:35] On being around all the officials at the Inaugural USA Hockey Advanced Officiating Symposium and their dedication to the job
[1:36-2:58] On how far the USA Hockey officiating program has come
[2:59-4:07] On participant participating at the Advanced Officiating Symposium
[4:08-6:10] On his presentation, “Hope vs. Courage,” and how that relates to success on the ice
[6:11-10:15] On the environment in rinks outside of the ice, perspective and respecting young officials so they want to stay in the game
[10:16-11:44] On recruitment, education and training of young officials and the evolution of those programs
[11:45-14:39] On deciding to remain involved in hockey in Spokane, Wash. and the growth of the sport in “nontraditional” markets
[14:40-15:51] On the new Seattle expansion team and the community support for the upcoming NHL franchise
[15:52-18:11] On his career in the NHL and the highlight of his career
[18:12-19:24] Closing and outro

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