A Brief History of the Original Six

Ever wonder when the Original Six got their names? (It's the question we put to our Facebook fans on January 11.) Well, look no further. 

The extended answer is as followed — and comes courtesy of one of our fave trivia books "The New Hockey Quiz Book" by Ron Wight (http://www.amazon.com/New-Hockey-Quiz-Book/dp/B000HWYX4A)

"The Canadiens have carried their name from the beginning of the franchise, playing in the 1909-10 National Hockey Association, which became known as the NHL in 1917-18. Boston has been known as the Bruins since entering the league in 1924-25. New York, Chicago and Detroit were are expansion franchises for the 1926-27 season. The Rangers were formally granted a franchise in May of 1926, while Chicago and Detroit were admitted in September of the same year. Chicago and New York have maintained their nicknames since their inaugural season, with Chicago modifying its name from Black Hawks to Blackhawks in 1986. Detroit entered the league in 1926-27 as the Cougars. During the same season, Conn Smythe took charge of the Toronto St. Pats franchise and renamed the team the Maple Leafs in February of 1927. Detroit's franchise name was changed from the Cougars to the Falcons in 1930, and finally to the present name of Red Wings for the 1932-33 season."


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