Aaron Marvin

#17 - St. Cloud State University


What was it like growing up in a hockey family?
It was awesome. Me and my sister would always go to the rink together. At Christmas, we always have a huge family hockey game at the rink. It’s something that’s just been a part of our lives. I think we had a pair of skates before we had a pair of shoes. We’ve always been playing hockey.

What was the hockey scene like in Warroad, the town you grew up in?
Growing up, high school hockey was the big ticket. We’d always go to high school games, and those guys were our idols and our heroes. We’d watch people score goals, and the rivalries we have up there are something special. Having 1,600 people in your town and having the rink be full for every game is something that’s hard to describe.

Did anyone give you a hard time for going to St. Cloud since the majority of your family went to North Dakota?
Not really. They all played hockey and understand. They were all supportive.

Who’s the best player in your family?
That’s hard to say. We’ve had a couple good cousins. I’ve had a couple good fighter cousins. It’s hard to tell. It depends on who you want – the guy who will win the fight or the guy who will score the goals. We’ve got everything. My sister’s pretty good though. It’s fun watching her play.


What’s it like playing at St. Cloud?
It’s unbelievable. We have some of the best student fans in college hockey. Everywhere you go people are talking about hockey and talking about going to the game. It’s just an unbelievable atmosphere to come to the rink and see it absolutely full.

Are you recognized on campus?
Not so much. A lot of people don’t recognize you with your helmet off. So in class you’re just a student.

What’s it like trying to balance both school and hockey?
It’s tough. But it’s probably the same as people who have jobs during college.

How much homework do you end up doing on the road?
Quite a bit. When we’re on road trips everyone usually brings their homework, and plane rides and bus rides are a good place to get some homework done.

What are you studying?
I’m a Business major.

What’s your favorite class?
I’d think I’d have to go with Marketing.


Is it nice having a job lined up when you graduate?

Has Calgary been supportive about you finishing college, or have they put any pressure on you to leave early?
No, they’ve been pretty quiet. I never really know they’re there or that they’re watching.

How do you know when you’re ready for the NHL?
I have no idea. I haven’t even looked that far to the future. There are so many good hockey players out there that it’s hard to think you’re really good enough to make it.


What do you do during summers?
I do a lot of fishing. We have a couple fishermen on our team and normally we’ll go to the rink and work out and head to the river after.

What’s the biggest fish you ever caught?
A 12-pound Walleye. That was a pretty big fish.


Skates: Bauer Vapor 40
Stick: Easton S17
Leg Pads: Easton
Gloves:  Easton



Who is your favorite 2023/2024 NHL Rookie?
Connor Bedard
Matthew Knies
Brock Faber
Logan Stankoven
Logan Cooley
Total votes: 3