It Came from the Third Dimension!

Technology has this remarkable gift to be boon or bane when it comes to enhancing sports and fandom, (specifically re: hockey, though considering the nature of this website, that's probably assumed).

Announcers' commentary through the restroom speakers can relieve some stress, (pun intended) and helpful, (no pun). High-definition replays and the live-feed fed through Jumbotron make it turning away at that game-changing moment less likely to occur. Television has its advantages for the folks at home. As does DVR.  FoxTrax puck? Not great. (We'll just say that "innovation" alone probably covers the need to go into the "banes"). Point is: Technology can be a blessing or the opposite. And we just came across something we're pretty sure goes straight to the latter.



Less because of the digitally enhanced Stamkos - perfectly fine; he is awesome after all - and more for the precedent that it sets. It's a slippery slope, and Lord knows we don't need any other aspects of the game set in more dimensions than they are already. Case in point: Mascots, Kiss-Cam, Don Cherry.*

(*Adding piano-key sounds to his tirades = Acceptable/Encouraged.)

Link via Kukla's Korner

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