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Wayne Coffey

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Wayne Coffey, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Boys Of Winter," sits down with USA Hockey Magazine prior to the 40th anniversary of the Miracle On Ice. Coffey discusses his deep-dive into the players in preparation for writing the book, some little known facts about America's most famous hockey team and much more in this episode of the USA Hockey Magazine Podcast.



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[0:00-0:46] Opening and guest introduction

[0:47-1:48] On still talking about the game all these years later and how an event like it will never be duplicated

[1:49-3:20] On Ken Morrow’s afterword, the player’s parlaying the game into future careers and how “boys” defeated “men”

[3:21-5:19] On where he was when the game was going on and the impact the game had on the American spirit

[5:20-7:22] On the driving force behind him wanting to write this book

[7:23-8:35] On getting to share the players’ stories and this achievement

[8:36-12:00] On any favorite interviews or stories that stood out while he was doing his research

[12:01-14:57] On how true the movie ‘Miracle’ was to the real event

[14:58-16:58] On Herb Brooks’ coaching tactics, especially with players like Mark Wells, Kim Craig and Mike Eruzione

[16:59-18:35] On his stance on NHL players being in the Olympics

[18:36-20:09] On his plans for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Miracle On Ice game

[20:10-21:48] Closing and outro


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