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Timeline of the Episode with the Chet Stewart Award Winner

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John Helsdon

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Congratulation to John Helsdon, USA Hockey’s 2020 Chet Stewart Award winner! This year’s recipient, recognized for his outstanding contributions to the officiating education program, talks about transitioning from playing to refereeing, the changes he’s seen through the years, keep young officials in the game and much more in this episode of the USA Hockey Magazine Podcast. 



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[0:00-1:29] Opening and guest introduction

[1:30-2:07] On what it means to him personally to be the recipient of this award

[2:08-5:17] On how he got started in officiating

[5:18-6:37] On how being a former player helps him as an official

[6:38-7:50] On when he moved to South Dakota and how he got involved in hockey there

[7:51-10:08] On what changes he’s seen in the profession through his years

[10:09-13:16] On the importance of his mentorship program in keeping young officials in the game

[13:17-17:38] On his involvement with the house leagues and paying officials out of his own pocket to get them involved as well

[17:39-20:24] On how he stays involved in hockey even though he’s not refereeing anymore

[20:25-21:54] Closing and outro


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