USA Hockey Magazine Podcast: Dr. Mark Aubry

Timeline of the Episode with the Excellence in Safety Award Winner

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Dr. Mark Aubry

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Congratulations to Dr. Mark Aubry, USA Hockey’s 2020 Excellence in Safety Award winner, presented by K&K Insurance! Dr. Aubry discusses how collaboration makes the game safer, how far preventative measures to reduce spinal cord injuries has come and much more in this episode of the USA Hockey Magazine Podcast.



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[0:00-1:19] Opening and guest introduction

[1:20-2:29] On what it means to him, as a Canadian, to be honored by USA Hockey

[2:30-4:49] On collaborating over safety for the good of the game

[4:50-6:35] On the success of the Concussion Consensus conferences

[6:36-9:47] On how his involvement in the game began

[9:48-12:11] On how far we’ve come to reduce spinal cord and head injuries in the game

[12:12-17:21] On what it’ll take to get sports back on track following this pandemic

[17:22-18:21] Closing and outro


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