USA Hockey Magazine Podcast: Declaration of Player Safety

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USA Hockey Magazine Podcast

Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect, October 29, 2019

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This episode features Matt Leaf and Kenny Rausch of USA Hockey discusses the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect from their different positions. Leaf and Rausch discuss the importance of the declaration, the reaction from the hockey community, and clarify that the declaration is not a rule change.

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[0:00-0:52] Opening and guest introduction

[0:53-2:16] On how the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play and Respect came about, and making the game safer and more fun for kids

[2:17-2:38] On it being both a player safety and player development initiative

[2:39-4:34] On establishing a culture where it’s safer to play, and how the adapting game lends itself to initiatives such as this without taking away from the physicality of the game

[4:35-6:47] On their assessment of how things have gone since the start of the season 

[6:48-7:50] On some of the revolutionary things USA Hockey has introduced and how the players seem to be the ones to best pick up these initiatives

[7:51-8:48] On what’s being done from a player and coaching perspective to ensure that everyone is on the same page

[8:49-10:29] On what’s being done from an officiating perspective

[10:30-11:53] On what is being done to make sure that parents are also on board with the initiative

[11:54-12:58] On the effectiveness of the declaration videos and how they give explanatory examples for individuals to follow

[12:59-15:30] On the renewed emphasis on how the game is played in regards to player safety and the fact that the declaration is not a rule change

[15:31-18:33] On the emphasis on not banging on the boards and the real intent of that rule, which has been a part of the rulebook for years

[18:34-21:39] On what they want to incorporate in the future to build off today’s initiative and how will they gauge the success of the program

[21:40-22:33] Closing and outro


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