USA Hockey Magazine Podcast: David Hoff

A Timeline of Episode with the National Sled Team Coach

USA Hockey Magazine Podcast

David Hoff, October 17, 2019

Podcast Timeline

This podcast features David Hoff, head coach of the U.S. National Sled Team. In this episode, Hoff discusses the season-opening training camp, keeping players motivated, Jeff Sauer’s legacy and much more.


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[0:00-0:35] Opening and guest introduction

[0:36-1:09] On the season-opening training camp in Allentown, Pa. and how the guys came into camp prepared

[1:10-2:14] On limited ice time and how the growth of competition in sled hockey forces guys to prepare for camp ahead of time

[2:15-3:14] On the benefits and challenges of moving camps around the country

[3:15-4:10] On adding ‘compete’ to the camps and focusing on building

[4:11-4:56] On aiming toward the next major competition and looking at each season in parts

[4:57-5:57] On keeping players motivated without regular major international competition

[5:58-7:23] On creating a culture of success from the U.S. National Development Sled Team through to the U.S. National Sled Team

[7:24-8:38] On new players joining the National Team and the senior leadership of the team

[8:39-10:22] On coaching with Jeff Sauer and his legacy in the sport

[10:23-12:00] On balancing work, coaching and still having a personal life

[12:01-13:29] On looking forward to the next Paralympic Winter Games and earning the head coaching position

[13:30-14:39] On other countries catching up to the success of the United States and Canada in sled hockey and looking for long-term success

[14:40-15:15] Closing and outro


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