A Haunted Hockey Halloween

San Jose Family Transforms Its Front Yard Into A Spooky Spectacle That Ties Together Their Favorite Seasons

October brings with it all the signs of fall: leaves changing colors, the onset of colder weather, pumpkin spiced everything and of course, Halloween. 

For hockey fans, it also marks the beginning of a new season, which is a holiday in and of itself for many. The Eichhorn family decided to combine their love of both, creating a one-of-a-kind yard display that has captured the attention of more than their local community.

Three years ago, Anne Eichhorn noticed skeleton pirates in a magazine and, despite thinking that August was a little too early for Halloween decorations, came up with an idea to do something fun with her hockey-loving family.

“I just remember thinking that hockey’s starting and, then, skeletons playing hockey,” she said. “I asked my husband ‘do you mind if we try something new in the front yard?’ and it snowballed from there. We went from nothing to craziness.”

Each year the family transforms the front yard of its San Jose, Calif., home into a Halloween hockey haven they call “The Boneyard,” filled with skeleton players decked out in full gear, a skeleton referee and – a special feature this year – a life-size recreation of the Sharks’ ‘Game of Jones’ bobblehead giveaway. 

The Eichhorn’s Halloween decorations have grown each year, thanks in part to their creativity. Some of the skeleton’s equipment comes from hockey gear that their son has outgrown while other pieces are pulled out of local garage sales. They’ve also repurposed broken sticks and gear from the rink that otherwise would’ve been tossed out. 

For Anne and her husband John, the best part of their display is how it brings both their family and the community together. 

“One of the biggest things that we’ve all really enjoyed was, when she first thought of the idea, it was something the family could do together,” John said. “My son is into hockey big time, my daughter’s really big into decorations. 

“My wife started getting into woodworking, so she makes the boards and stick blades and really anything that she can create. And I just love hockey. It’s one of those things that made a nice mix for all of us to take part and add our little touches.”

Their neighbors are also on board with the hockey Halloween festivities., After fourteen years living in their neighborhood, Anne and John have met more people because of their decorations. They stocked up on extra candy this year, just in case they also experience extra traffic on Halloween night, like they did last year.

As the popularity of their spooky spectacle grows with each passing year, the Eichhorn’s show no signs of stopping, especially because their decorations give them more than just a fun yard display.

“It’s spread across the community that there’s another family that just loves hockey,” John said. “Not only is it just good family time, it gives us that whole new avenue to enjoy the sport.” 

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