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Whether It’s A Youth Player, Up-An-Coming Prospect Or NHL Star, Players Wage A Personal Battle To Get Back In The Game

The toughness of hockey players is legendary. Gordie Howe suffered almost as many stitches as he scored goals in his Hall of Fame career. Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Bob Baun played the end of Game 6 and all of Game 7 of the 1964 Stanley Cup finals with a broken ankle.

But when it comes to concussions, there is no badge of honor of playing through the pain and haze that comes with an injury to the head.

Concussions in hockey are not new. What has changed is the attention that is finally being paid to the seriousness of head trauma. From Peewees to the pros, concussions are a serious issue, and are now being dealt with in a serious manner.

Regardless of their age or skill level, hockey players wage a personal and often private battle to shake off the symptoms of a concussion in order to get back in the game.



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